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Registration opens February 1, 2023.
Please read this entire page before clicking the registration link.

Required Documents and Waivers
● When registering online and accepting the TERMS & CONDITIONS for the event, you agree to the DANCE WORLDS RULES & REGULATIONS.
● All REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS AND WAIVERS requiring signatures must be brought to the Worlds registration desk in Orlando.
● For a faster check-in process, have your release waivers in order by first name.

Payment and Ticket Information
● Coaches and athletes must be listed on the team roster to register individually and select housing OR commuter.
● Use this WORLDS ROSTER TEMPLATE to upload your roster during registration.
● Anyone included on your invoice will be part of your ticket order. Ticket orders will be placed when your invoice is paid in full.
● Once the order is placed, you will receive a ticket confirmation number via email for each person depending on their package or upgrade within 7-10 days. Information on how to obtain your park reservation will be sent with your ticket confirmation email.
● No changes after tickets orders have been placed and ticket order number have been distributed. Any upgrades must be requested before paying your invoice in full.

Team Registration Instructions
• Visit The Dance Worlds TEAM REGISTRATION page for details on using the registration portal.

Package Pricing

Hotel Packages

Package Upgrades
You may upgrade the ticket included in your package for the rates below. This can be noted in the ADD ON step of the registration process. Extra tickets for family members must be purchased through the DISCOUNTED TICKETS now closed.
• 3-Day Park Hopper® Tickets may be upgraded to 4-Day tickets for an additional $75.
• 3-Day Park Hopper® Tickets may be upgraded to 5-Day tickets for an additional $138.

Walt Disney World® Park Reservations
• Tickets are valid April 9-26, 2023.
• Walt Disney World requires advance reservations to attend the theme parks. We strongly recommend that all friends and family (spectators) register on a separate invoice from the team.
• To help manage park capacity, the Walt Disney World Resort uses the Disney Park Pass reservation system. To make your theme park reservations, you will need a My Disney Experience account and valid theme park admission linked to it. Please note that reservations are limited in capacity, subject to availability and are not guaranteed until confirmed.
• You will not need a reservation to enter ESPN Wide World of Sports for competition, but you must link your ticket to enter the complex.
• If your top choice park reaches capacity, you can make a reservation for another park and then hop to your top choice after 2 pm that day.
• NO changes or upgrades are possible after ticket orders have been placed. NO Park Hopper tickets will be sold on-site at Worlds.

Safety Champion
• Each team must designate one person (other than the head coach) to be your Safety Champion. This person will need to be confirmed upon registration, over 18 years of age and willing to participate in additional safety training prior to Championship.
• Each team/squad needs a separate Safety Champion (ex: If you bring more than one team, you need two different individuals.)
• Some of the Safety Champion’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to) ensuring the athletes, coaches and spectators follow all safety guidelines.

Spectator Registration
• Spectators may register for hotel packages using your team’s registration number. Your team’s registration must already be approved.
• Spectators DO NOT register as commuters.
• If a spectator only needs to order tickets, online DISCOUNTED TICKETS are now closed.

Check List

Here’s a checklist of things to complete before arriving at Worlds

● Return the BID ACCEPTANCE FORM to the bid-giving competition within 72 hours of receipt.
● Register your team for Worlds using the online registration system—opening January 24, 2023.
● Make sure all athletes have government-issued ID’s for competition check-in.
● Make sure all adult athletes, coaches and personnel have completed the required background checks and abuse prevention education training.
● Earn extra money for Worlds at participating competitions offering WORLDS BID BOOSTS!
● Submit video(s) for legality review through the USASF COACH app to help ensure a penalty-free routine.
● Practice Floors will not be available to rent this year. Secure your own space early before they get booked.
● Designate a Worlds Safety Champion for your team. See the Event Safety tab.
● Print and sign the required registration documents and medical release forms. Bring them to Orlando for Worlds registration check-in.
● Watch for news from your USASF regional director to schedule your roster verification appointment.
● Complete and submit your official team roster.
● Sign up to stream (or rebroadcast) The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds with FLOCHEER.
● Join BAND for the latest updates. Details below.
● Keep your travels safe and enjoy the journey!


Earn extra money for The Cheerleading Worlds and The Dance Worlds with a Worlds Bid Boost! Bid boosts are CASH PRIZES awarded at participating USASF Sanctioned Competitions to teams who have previously earned bids to The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds 2023. Up to $100 may be awarded for each athlete who performed at the bid-qualifying event. See if your next competition offers a Bid Boost!


The official live-streaming home of THE Worlds! Find the best coverage of the event including a live stream, the order of competition, results, photos, articles, news, and more!


The Band app will serve as a communications tool for coaches and fans at The Cheerleading Worlds and The Dance Worlds. Download and use the app for real-time event updates and information. Championship event staff will be online and ready to assist you in the chat room. After downloading the app, search for:

NOTE: the BAND app will be managed by Worlds staff beginning April 17. If you have questions before then, reach out to your Worlds Registration Specialist or Regional Director. And remember to turn on notifications so you are the first to know important event details!


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Email Communications

Event Webinars

Event Webinars

Dance Worlds Coach Call

Worlds Logistics & Roster Review
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Safety Champion
Click Here to view

Event Schedules

Event Schedules

View the EVENT HUB to view The Dance Worlds schedule and performance order.

Important Dates

Important Dates for U.S. Teams

2/1/23 – Worlds registration opens
3/13/23 – Junior Dance Video Qualification deadline
3/13/23 – Exception Athlete Video Qualification deadline
3/13/23 – Virtual request for Cheer Credentialing deadline
3/14/23 – Early Registration (teams receiving bids through Feb. 20, 2023)
4/4/23 – Late Registration (teams receiving bids after Feb. 20, 2023)
4/7/23 – Discounted Park Hopper Ticket order deadline
4/7/23 – Legality Review deadline to submit videos in the USASF Coach App
4/11/23 – Final Payment Due
4/tbd/23 – The Cheerleading Worlds online tickets available
4/14/23 – Onsite request for Cheer Credentialing deadline
4/17/23 – Worlds Coach Lanyard without Park Hopper Ticket pre-order deadline
4/19/23 – The Dance Worlds wristbands go on sale at the Coronado Springs Resort Convention Center-North Registration Desk
4/19/23 – Roster Verifications begin onsite in Orlando
4/21/23 – The Cheerleading Worlds commences
4/22/23 – The Dance Worlds commences
4/24/23 – Worlds Celebration Party

WORLDS PRACTICE FLOOR RENTALS - Due to space limitations, we are unable to offer practice floor rentals this year at Worlds.

Worlds Practice Floor Rentals

Due to space limitations, we are unable to offer practice floor rentals this year at Worlds. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Roster Verification

Roster Verification Process

All teams attending Worlds will go through an on-site roster verification once they arrive in Orlando. For more information: DANCE

Coach/Athlete ID

Coach ID Requirement

Each coach, club owner and choreographer at The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds must have a current USASF membership ID to gain access to the warm-up rooms. Members may generate a complimentary digital ID through the USASF Coach app and/or order a physical ID card through their USASF membership profile for $15. Only individuals with valid (unexpired) credentials who meet the following criteria will be permitted with their team in the warm-up rooms:
● must meet all eligibility requirements through their USASF member profile;
● must be listed on the official event roster of the team competing at The Cheerleading Worlds or The Dance Worlds;
● must be a member in good standing at the club he/she is representing;
● must understand that he/she is a representative of the event producer that awarded the team’s bid to The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds; and
● agree to act with complete respect, sportsmanship, and graciousness at all times while representing the USASF event producer from whom they received a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds or The Dance Worlds.

Failure to produce the proper credentials and identification will prohibit entry into the warm-up area. Unauthorized entry into the warm-up area will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Athlete ID Requirement

Prior to entering the warm-up room, USASF officials will verify the identity of each athlete on your official event roster for The Cheerleading Worlds or The Dance Worlds.
1. Athletes will line up in the same order as on the roster.
2. They will present the USASF official with their government-issued photo identification.
3. A USASF official will use the ID to verify the athlete on the verified official worlds roster.

Acceptable forms of government-issued photo identification are:
● driver’s license
● state ID
● military ID
● passport
● visa

Each athlete must have an acceptable form of identification as shown above. A state ID may be obtained through your local DMV office and may take as many as six to eight weeks to receive. The minimum age required for a state ID varies by state. Passports typically take six to eight weeks. Please plan accordingly. It is the responsibility of the club and its representatives to allocate ample time to receive acceptable forms of identification so that athletes may enter the warm-up room and compete. International competitors on a U.S.-based team may show passports or visas. Photo IDs are not a requirement for Exceptional Athletes.

Warm Up Room Access for Coaches

Warm-Up Room Access

● Coaches must have active USASF coach membership.
● Coaches must complete membership eligibility requirements through their USASF member profile.
● Coaches must present a USASF ID card, either digital or plastic.
● Coaches must wear a Worlds coach lanyard at all times.

● Personnel must meet all membership eligibility requirements.
● Personnel must present a USASF ID card, either digital or plastic.
● Personnel must present a Worlds Park Hopper or admission ticket.
● One personnel member per team will be permitted in the warm-up room.

● Children not listed on the roster as athletes or reserves
● VIPs
● Team photographers
● Media

Coach Lanyard without a Park Hopper Pass

Worlds Coach Lanyards without Park Hopper® Ticket

Provides entry to all Worlds competition venues for commuter coaches rostered on Worlds teams. Does not include a Park Hopper® ticket or admission to the theme parks. Lanyards will be sold only to coaches from clubs participating in Worlds who are listed on a USASF Worlds Team Roster for a team attending Worlds AND meet the eligibility requirements for warm-up room access.

● 4-day (April 21-24): $80
● 8-day (April 17-24): $160 (suggested for coaches attending ICU or practices at the ESPN Wide Worlds of Sports® Complex prior to April 21)

How to Purchase
This lanyard is NOT purchased through the Worlds registration site.
● You must pre-order from USASF and collect in Orlando.
● The deadline to pre-order is Monday, April 17, 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions here.

Still have questions?
Please contact your Worlds Registration Specialist.

Badges for Social Media

Share Your Journey

Proudly display these graphics on your social platforms to let everyone know about your accomplishment. Be sure to use #RoadtoDanceWorlds and #ThisIsAllStar. And don’t forget to tag USASF so we can re-share! Just click on the graphics below and download them your device.

Feel free to customize your badge by adding your club’s logo or division awarded. But keep in mind, you can’t change the appearance or overlay customization over the Worlds logo.


   FOR CLUBS                              FOR ATHLETES                          CUSTOMIZABLE

Event Safety

Event Safety Tips

Coaches, please read and pass along to your athletes/dancers.

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Hotel Safety

Even though your team may be feeling creative and excited, remind them not to post anything outside their hotel room that identifies them—strangers can use this information in unsafe ways. This means no pictures, posters or names on doors. Remind them not to open their hotel room door for someone unknown to them. This is especially important for minors traveling without parents, or when athletes/dancers are in their rooms alone.
Other safety tips include:

● Keep personal information private from the room, even in the trash can. Examples of this can be airport luggage tags or other documents that contain a name and address.
● Discard the sleeve the front desk gives you to hold your key card. Those sleeves typically have the room number written on them. If a key ends up lost this will at least prevent someone from finding it and knowing which room number it opens.
● When leaving a hotel room, give the illusion that someone is still there. Put the do not disturb sign on the door, leave the television on at a low volume and close the curtains.
● Remind your athletes/dancers to avoid being the only person on an elevator with a stranger.


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Competition Safety

Make a habit of surveying your surroundings when you first arrive.

● Note where the exits are in relation to spaces where you will be for a longer time, such as practice rooms.
● Pay attention to how security personnel at the facility are uniformed, are they dressed differently than just general staff? You may need to make contact with security if someone is behaving inappropriately.
● Pay attention to where emergency medical supplies are.
● Be sure to know where the AEDs are and know where you can locate a trainer.
● Encourage your athletes/dancers to do the same.



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Safe@All Star App

In less than five minutes, a parent can create a safety profile for their athlete on the Safe@AllStar mobile app. Consider asking the parents of your team members to set up a profile prior to leaving for the event. This is a FREE benefit of USASF Membership.

The Safe@AllStar mobile app utilizes crowd-sourcing technology to alert assigned “friends” or the entire Safe@AllStar mobile platform. The alert is triggered directly by the parent or assigned “friend”. Share the following info with your team’s parents to get them started.
Using the app is simple! Register on the app using your USASF email (that’s really important!) which will enable you to create an athlete profile. Create your athlete profile and add optional “friends” to your athlete’s profile enabling others to send out alerts on behalf of your athlete. “Friends” can be anyone who has downloaded and registered on the app – they do not need to be a USASF member. You will need the email address your “friend” used to register on the app in order to make them a “friend”.

In the event an athlete is missing, the parent or assigned “friends” of an athlete’s profile can send either a YELLOW alert (sent to assigned “friends” only) or a RED alert (sent to the entire Safe@AllStar mobile platform – used in true emergencies only) requesting assistance locating the athlete. The alert includes photos and a detailed description of the athlete enabling not only the entire crowd at an event, but the entire Safe@AllStar app community across the country to immediately try to locate the athlete.