About Worlds

The Dance World Championship showcases the most challenging performances, positive energy and shared emotions within the All Star community. Every year, event producers from around the globe hosting events sanctioned by USASF and IASF sponsor teams to vye for championship titles in contemporary/lyrical, high kick, hip hop, jazz, pom and junior dance.

For teams chosen to participate, an invitation to this international All Star competition stands as the highest honor, gathering the most talented athletes on a single stage. This annual event is a dedicated tribute to the expertise, athleticism, determination and shared passion that characterize All Star dance.

In its beginning with just 50 teams in 2007, The Dance Worlds has blossomed into a grand celebration, encompassing over 400 teams yearly. Over 3000 All Star athletes from 25 nations come together for The Dance Worlds, the ultimate reward after a season of hard work, training and focus.

Event producers within the All Star world are invited to seek membership within the USASF and IASF, to support teams throughout their journeys to The Dance World Championship.

U.S. based event producers | non-U.S. based event producers